December Heart (Book One)

At twenty-seven years old, Mariah Travers has become what she most feared—a spinster and a perpetual adolescent in the eyes of her family and the law. But her fortunes change when her father announces that he has promised her hand in marriage to an old friend and colleague in the House of Lords. Lord Peter deVere, Earl of Dunsford, is not at all who Mariah imagined marrying, but she is willing to take a chance on the older man in order to gain the freedom that only married women are allowed.

After a tragic marriage that stretched on for two decades, Peter is hesitant to marry again. But he needs an heir, or else his dastardly nephew, Lord William, will inherit everything he’s worked his entire life to build. But when he meets Mariah, sparks fly that neither of them expected. Their unlikely match stands a chance of giving each of them all the things they never realized they needed.

But trouble abounds when the mine that has provided Peter with his fortune is exhausted and the search for new veins of copper begins. On top of that, Lord William isn’t about to stand by and watch his inheritance disappear. His efforts to drive a wedge between Peter and Mariah cause havoc and heartbreak at Starcross Castle, which will take an act of heroic devotion to overcome as Peter sets out to prove that true love is ageless.

PLEASE BE ADVISED – Steam Level – Very Hot!

Starcross Lovers.jpg

Starcross Lovers (Starcross Castle Book One)

Ginny Davis has risen through the ranks downstairs at Starcross Castle, from maid to lady’s maid for Lady Mariah deVere. But as grand as her new position is, the one thing she wants the most feels out of her grasp. Her heart belongs to head stableman Harry Pond, but she’s convinced that she’s already ruined her chances with Harry by being too bold too soon. So when mine surveyor Stephen Adler takes a shine to her and offers her the adventure of a lifetime, her heart is torn.

Harry has loved Ginny from the moment he met her, but he believes that her ambition and hunger for adventure mean she will never look on him as more than a bit of fun. He’d do anything to convince her to marry him…and when Adler swoops in, anything is what he just might have to do.

This heartfelt tale of love below-stairs continues the story that started with DECEMBER HEART, the first book in The Silver Foxes of Westminster series.

PLEASE BE ADVISED – Steam Level: Very Hot!

Starcross Dreams.jpg

Starcross Dreams (Starcross Castle Book Two)

In spite of the prestigious position she has earned as a member of the staff of Starcross Castle, maid Poppy Miller knows that service is not her destiny. She was born to be a wife and mother, and when she looks at Starcross’s head gardener, Nick Parsons, she knows exactly whose wife she wants to be.

Nick is charmed and delighted by Poppy. Her sweetness, coupled with her clumsy ways and flightiness, warm his heart, and every time he holds her in his arms as he picks her up from yet another spill, he wants to keep her there forever. All he dreams about at night is her kiss.

But the course of true love never runs smoothly. When a promise Nick made before he met Poppy comes back to haunt him, not even true love can overcome the hurdles in Nick and Poppy’s way. Poppy must stand up for herself and take risks she would never have dreamed of to save the man she loves from the grip of his past.

This heartfelt tale of love below-stairs continues the story that started with DECEMBER HEART, the first book in The Silver Foxes of Westminster series.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Steam Level – Hot


August Sunrise (Book Two)

Industrial heiress, Marigold Bellowes, knows that marriage is just another business transaction. She would, seeing as she’s been pursued by greedy men who only want her father’s fortune for years. But she’s determined to take her fate into her own hands and not to be a prize in a merger. So when she meets rising star of Parliament, Alexander Croydon, she sees a merger that would benefit them both instead of turning her into a useless ornament.

But Alex carries secrets that shield a broken heart. He finds Marigold clever and vivacious, dazzling at social events and sensual in bed, but he will not let himself get too close to her. Until a bitter twist of fate exposes James, Alex’s illegitimate son, and potentially the only heir he will ever have.

When revealing James as Alex’s heir makes the toddler a target for Alex’s enemies, Marigold and Alex must let go of their heartache to come together to save him. In the process, they discover a camaraderie that could lead to the love both have craved, a love that has been under their noses all along. But has it come too late, and is it enough?

PLEASE BE ADVISED – Steam Level: Very Hot

Be sure to check out A PLACE TO BELONG, part of the West Meets East series, a prequel to August Sunrise which tells the story of little James’s birth.


Winterberry Spark (Winterberry Park Book One)

Nursemaid Ruby Murdoch has lived the hardest of lives, but she’s always managed to survive, even if it meant great sacrifice. But when the best thing that ever happened to her, being employed by Mr. Alexander Croydon as nursemaid for his son, James, ends up in jeopardy, she has no one to turn to…except the only man she’d ever truly loved, Mr. Croydon’s man of business, Gilbert Phillips.

Gil has also struggled against impossible odds to find his place in life. He fell in love with Ruby the moment he met her and was thrilled when the Croydons brought her into their protection. But after the catastrophic events that nearly tore the Croydon family apart, he isn’t sure if he can find it in his heart to forgive her. His head and his heart are constantly at war.

Until Gil is faced with the possibility of losing Ruby forever.

When love is pushed to its limit, only the powers of forgiveness and understanding can lift these lovers above the unfairness of the world and into each other’s arms.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Steam Level – Very Hot

Winterberry Spark is connected to the full-length novel AUGUST SUNRISE


Winterberry Fire (Winterberry Park Book Two)

Ada Bell loves her position as an upstairs maid at Winterberry Park. It’s her fellow maids she could do without. Sisters Mary and Martha Mull have made more trouble in her life than anyone deserves. But hope of a better life is within reach in the form of handsome schoolteacher, Timothy Turnbridge.

Tim has loved Ada almost from the moment he met her. At last, the time feels right to do something about it. There’s just one problem—one of his older students, Alice Jones. Alice is almost out of the schoolroom and has a furious crush on Tim. With the Valentine’s Day dance approaching, she’s determined to get her man.

When Mary Mull comes up with a plan to keep Ada and Tim apart, and when Alice gets mixed up in the mess, hilarity ensues. Winterberry Park has never seen the kind of comedy of errors that explodes when rivalries, crushes, and just plain silliness turn everything upside down.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Steam Level – Hot

Winterberry Fire is connected to the full-length novel AUGUST SUNRISE


May Mistakes (Book Three)

After the death of her father, Miss Elaine Bond had decided to embrace life as an independent woman…much to the chagrin of her neighbors. Her eccentric ways alarm the entire town of Brynthwaite, to the point where concerned friends turn to the only person they believe can settle Elaine into a respectable married life, mysterious bookseller Mr. Basil Wall.

Basil has been in love with Elaine since the moment he moved to Brynthwaite years ago, but the secret that drove him out of London and into the remote Lake District has kept him from declaring himself. At least until a twist of fate throws the two potential lovers together in a way that neither of them expected.

But what begins as a romance that is as charming as it is sultry turns into a game with far higher stakes when the infamous Missing Earl of Waltham is tracked down and dragged out into the light. And with the fate of Parliament—not to mention a bill increasing the rights of women—in the balance, Basil must choose between love and duty. Which leaves Elaine caught between what is right and what is proper, and leads her to an adventure far more daring than any of her Brynthwaite neighbors could dream of.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Steam Level – Very Hot!

If you would like to read about events leading up to May Mistakes, check out A WILD ADVENTURE, part of the West Meets East series, available now.

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Brynthwaite Promise (Brynthwaite Book One)

Pub owner Ted Folley has loved June Lakes since they were schoolchildren. But when June’s mother died unexpectedly, she was forced to leave school, and any chance for a normal life, to care for her father and brothers. But Ted never stopped loving her or looking for a way to rescue her from her life of Victorian drudgery.

June has never understood why Ted, the awkward boy who was constantly being teased and tormented, would set his sights on her. She never considered him as a suitor, but then again, with the burden of caring for her useless menfolk on her shoulders, she never believed she could find love or happiness at all.

Until one night when a drunken deal is made that changes June’s life forever. What starts as a cruel bargain lands June squarely in Ted’s arms and might just give her the chance to fall in love that she never believed she’d have.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Steam Level – Hot

Brynthwaite Summer.jpg

Brynthwaite Summer (Brynthwaite Book Two)

Agatha Crimpley is the happiest woman in the cozy, lakeside town of Brynthwaite. She is liked and respected, her father is all set to entrust her with a great deal of responsibility, and she is in love with the dashing and intelligent Mr. Andrew Noble. But Aggie is about to discover that even in the modern and progressive 1880s, who a woman gives her heart to can have shocking consequences.

Andrew Noble might have been born in Africa, but after being raised in England by white parents, he considers himself as much an Englishman as anyone else. But he is not foolish enough to think that falling in love with Aggie will be easy, and when a letter arrives from a former colleague of his adopted father’s, hinting that his origins might not be what he thinks they are, his life takes a major turn.

Can Aggie and Andrew’s love survive the shock of a major turn of fortune? Or will a careless indiscretion prove to Aggie that one’s reputation is only skin deep?

Please Be Advised – Steam Level: HOT


September Awakening (Book Four)

Lady Lavinia Prior has lived her whole life under her mother’s thumb. Heaven forbid she should form an opinion of her own or want something more than the rigid role her mother has planned for her as the perfect wife of an important man. But since her mother has never deemed any man to be good enough, Lavinia is at risk of becoming a spinster by default.

Until one cringe-worthy night during a late-summer house party at Winterberry Park….

Dr. Armand Pearson never expected to inherit the title of Viscount Helm and all that goes with it upon his cousin’s death. With his medical career decimated by the duties of his title, the responsibility of an estate he doesn’t know how to run on his shoulders, and a position in the House of Lords that his friends urge him to attend to, the last thing he has time for is a wife.

But fate, and Lady Ursula Prior, have other plans….

What starts out as the most awkward, uncomfortable marriage in all of England turns into something else entirely when Lavinia and Armand discover that they have more in common than they ever could have imagined. And when they make a deal to combine forces in order to defeat an old foe, both awaken to a whole new world of possibility and love.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Steam Level – Very Hot


April Seduction (Book Five)

Theirs was a love that defied the rules, sizzled with passion…then fell apart spectacularly….

Katya Marlowe, the Countess of Stanhope, was forced into a loveless marriage when she was only eighteen, became a mother of three before she was twenty-three, and a widow by the age of twenty-four, and before she hit thirty, she developed a reputation as a siren and a woman of power. But as clever and seductive as she has been painted to be, her heart has only belonged to one man.

Malcolm Campbell has been a fighter his whole life, willing to go to extreme lengths to support the causes he believes in. Ruthless, arrogant, and ferocious, he has dedicated his life to eradicating anyone who harms women, particularly the villainous Lord Shayles. But for all his fight, his heart aches for the one woman who he has never been able to secure, Katya.

When Katya and Malcolm team up in a final campaign to bring down Shayles for good, old passions and old wounds bleed to the surface. But can they keep their burning desire for each other in check? Can they put their differences aside long enough to work together, or will the fire of everything that has smoldered between them for nearly twenty years consume them? Will they learn to forgive the stings of the past and come together at last?

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Steam Level – Very Hot


October Revenge (Book Six)

For decades, Lord Mark Gatwick has been known as the best friend of nefarious villain, Lord Theodore Shayles. But the truth is that Mark couldn’t despise Shayles more. After executing his revenge against Shayles for a nightmarish event that happened over twenty years ago, Mark is on the verge of finding the peace that has eluded him his whole life.

Until a bride he never wanted shows up on his doorstep…

Angelica LeClair has faced many challenges growing up as the daughter of a black man and a white woman, not quite light-skinned enough to pass, in her Louisiana home. But her biggest challenge of all comes with the shock of learning that, in order to inherit the money she desperately needs to keep from falling into destitution, she must travel to England to marry a distant cousin she’s never seen. She is determined to make the best of a bad situation.
Until she discovers that her groom is in catastrophic danger…

When Lord Shayles is released from prison, he vows to stop at nothing until Mark is dead. When Shayles learns about Angelica, his deadly intentions take a sickening turn. Mark must risk his life for the woman he never expected would be his last chance for redemption and happiness.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Steam Level – Very Hot


June Forever (Book Seven)

Miss Victoria Travers’s life was over. After being traumatized at the hands of a man years ago, she has secluded herself at Starcross Castle, helping her sister, Lady Mariah, raise her growing family. But being an aunt isn’t enough for Vicky. She longs for children of her own, but getting them means marriage, and marriage means making herself vulnerable to a man’s desires, something she swore she’d never do again.

Sir Christopher Dowland is widely considered the most mild-mannered, bland gentleman in Cornwall and potentially the perfect husband for Vicky. But Christopher wants to be so much more than the underestimated country squire everyone supposes him to be. He sees himself as a champion of the rights of women, particularly on the eve of a game-changing vote on the Married Women’s Property Act.

Vicky and Christopher enter a businesslike engagement which seems as though it will lead to a boring, passionless marriage…until the two meet while in disguise at a masquerade ball, and everything changes. While Christopher knows full well who Vicky is, she is swept off her feet by the dashing and gallant mystery man who makes her smile, laugh, and feel free for the first time in years. But when their ongoing, masked flirtation takes a turn neither expect, Christopher could find himself both winning the girl and losing her forever at the same time….

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Steam Level – Very Hot